Integrating Conflict Resolution and System Strategies to Optimize Individual and Organizational Performance

"This is my strategic approach toward resolution.  I believe that addressing any conflict situation as an isolated event does not achieve enduring solutions. Employing systems strategies, transformative mediation, coaching, relationship dynamic techniques and skill building processes is how to best achieve actual resolution, not just a situation specific solution."


Conflict resolution is a set of techniques for resolving conflicts with the assistance of a third party.  Mediation is simply one of the techniques used to assist the disputants to resolve their own conflict. The process is voluntary and the disputing parties have control over the final agreement(s).


Conflict counselling can help you to understand your experiences of conflicted relationships, personally and professionally, in a safe and non-judgemental space.  It aims to help you to identify and think about why it is you react the way you do to conflict, and offers  opportunities to build skills and strategies to better manage conflict.  It is an individual journey, independent of engagement with others in the conflict.  When you change how you respond to conflict, you can reduce the frequency and impact of future conflicts.


Organizational Development (OD) practitioners know how a system operates and understands the interrelationship between the elements of the system.  In today's world of rapidly changing and complex environments, OD is used to help plan, implement, evaluate and improve processes in order to achieve outcomes that are positive and sustainable. Services including Organizational Assessments, Coaching and Training are used to achieve enduring and sustainable results.